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This is our little princess Cosmo CLOSE
Cosmo She loves Kitty Hooch! Cosmo is the most precocious in your face cat we have ever met! She has had her picture in the local newspaper and likes to watch Animal Planet and Garfield the movie. She also communicates with her dad man on a telepathic level.
Neo is our little wild boy CLOSE
Neo We got Neo to distract Cosmo and keep her from harassing Lacy. While Neo is also wild he can be the perfect gentleman and he is also quite a lover. Neo has found his place as much more than a distraction. He is only a little grouchy at times in his new role as Mr Alpha cat.
Mittens is the neighbor cat adopted us CLOSE
Mittens Mittens has been our tester cat from across the street for some time. She was out while the dogs were in. She started staying in a 16 inch cube cat house I built her. We took her in during a bad cold spell and she decided it was heaven. She has gone from antisocial to a lap cat and greeter.
Our Blue Eyed Boy Ashton CLOSE
Ashton Ashton came into to our home June 16, 2006. He was 10 weeks old when we got him and he has beautiful blue eyes. He is easy going and playful and big for his age. He also has a tail that looks like it belongs on a cougar.
Our Beautiful Tortie Rose CLOSE
Rose Rose came to brighten our lives June 16, 2006. She was 8 weeks old and wagged her tail like a dog. She is curious and precocious and she and Cosmo are a pair. Rose has long legs and a very long tail as well as tortie coloring and she purrs very loudly.
Our Affectionate Monte CLOSE
Monte Monte led an interesting life. He was given up at a young age where he supposedly had problems with children and he was to be put down. Monte became an unwanted cat in a cage, a lab cat, for a year and a half. Our friend Lise Beals worked at the clinic and got permission to take him home. When she needed to find a new home for her cats we took Monte. He is the most affectionate, sweet and gentle of all our cats.
In Memory
This was Max. RIP friend CLOSE
Max We called Max the handsome cat and king of the nip. Max joined our family November 13th, 1992. In March 2006 he was diagnosed with hyper-thyroid condition and possible bone cancer. Max cheated death a number of times. Just after midnight March 20th, 2006 he expired very peacfully. Max was a exceptional alpha male because he welcomed all our cats and was totally emotionally secure with us.

Max was not cuddly unless he was pawing your head and chewing your fingers while you tried to sleep. He could be annoying and frustrating but it was clear he loved us and we loved him. Max followed us everywhere. He was the heart of our home and business. He lives on in our hearts and his picture is on our toy packaging.
This is Lacey, partner in crime to Max CLOSE
Lacey She thought the 12 step program was a plan for sneaking into the greenhouse. Lacey deserves credit for destroying the catnip plant that led to Kitty Hooch. Here she is caught in the catnip.

On May 25th, 2008 Lacey was in our back yard and the gate had been left open. Three neighborhood dogs notorious for causing trouble had gotten loose and got in our yard and killed poor Lacey and challenged us when we came outside. We will remember our beloved Lacey as we grieve her terrible death.
Cosmo fetches pop bottle caps
   Kitty Hooch Picture of the day
Pic of the day
Pic of the day
Cosmo and Neo play in the custom post that was the inspiration for the Pagoda Playhouse. These posts have been amazing for the amount of places cats can hide and play tag. CLOSE
Cosmo and Neo play in the custom post that was the inspiration for the Pagoda Playhouse. These posts have been amazing for the amount of places cats can hide and play tag.

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Kitty Tips      Is Kitty Scratching the Furniture?

   Welcome Gato Ganja 08-05-15 09:44 AM  
For the uncompromising who only want catnip bud we introduce Gato Ganja, our most plump, juicy, fragrant buds and nothing else. A tiny speck of this is enough to send your cat into orbit.
Gato Ganja Posted by: Eric Laffoon

   Loose catnip available! 07-30-15 11:24 PM  
We are getting ready to ship pre-orders and harvest more next week. This is perhaps the most intense catnip ever with aromas of mint, skunk and floral tones. It will make your sinuses tingle. Your cat will go into orbit. Remember there is only ONE Kitty Hooch
Whole Catnip Posted by: Eric Laffoon

   How much do you know about catnip and cat toys? 03-17-15 11:36 PM  
We did a fun little quiz. Please help us to share this with everyone who has a cat. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, wherever... Try it!
Take the quiz Posted by: Eric Laffoon

Kitty Tips      Is Kitty Scratching the Furniture?
When cats scratch their claws leave a little bit of oil that is a scent marking it as a "friendly place to scratch" for them. The first thing you have to do to retrain a cat is remove the scent. The trick is to use an enzymatic cleaner, and we now sell Scratch No More which is the safest and most effective product we've ever found. It also works for urine and other organic matter, even skunk scent. People also want to rub catnip on scratching posts but doing that causes the essential oils to break down very quickly. To really get strong scent for months (long enough to make a habit) we embed the catnip in fabric under the carpet and sisal in our pieces. Here are the four steps to effectively retrain cats.
  1. clean the scent from the area you don't want them scratching (Scratch No More)
  2. use an effective method of getting catnip scent where you want them to scratch (Our catnip ouch refill systems)
  3. Put the post in a traffic area for them so it's convenient
  4. praise them when they use it - show it to them, rub their haunches when they scratch and tell them they are good
If you do all the above remember also to be patient with younger cats as it can take a little time to sink in. They will learn. At the time of this edit we've hundreds of Scratch No more, door hangers and ramps. We have had two pieces of cat furniture returned where cats didn't use them. We offer a money back guarantee on the combination of any scratcher and our Scratch no more that your cat will instantly change it's behavior.
Kitty Hooch Lifestyle Products Posted by: Eric Laffoon

Kitty Tips  

Kitty Hooch started when we discovered our cats we thought didn't like catnip toys did like catnip. So we made catnip toys and they loved it. We discovered the entire industry had abandoned quality in pursuit of profit and price competition. Since 2001 our customers have applauded our work, shaped our vision and inspired new designs and products. Kitty Hooch has always been interactive. Help us continue to better service to you, our valued customers.

Our simple concepts... Quality and value are always better than cheap trash. Products should exceed expectations. Organic catnip and recycled materials are sensible solutions. Safety is tantamount to design. Your cat deserves the vary best. Kitty Hooch is the very best, and the only cat care products that come with satisfaction guarantees. Our mission is to insure every Kitty Hooch product is the most carefully researched and lovingly produced anywhere. We settle for nothing less than excellence.

We hope you enjoy our Kitty Hooch.

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