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Kitty Hooch is all about getting your cat maximally intoxicated. There is an essential oil, nepetalactone, produced by the Nepeta Cataria (catnip) plant that is an airborne intoxicant for cats. It releases their kitten-like playfulness and produces a variety of results from a hyperactive playful state to a very soothing cat nap. It depends on the mood of the cat at the time. They will want to chew, rub, lick and roll in catnip. It is a safe and natural diversion for cats that is just as entertaining for humans.

Kitty Hooch is a totally different experience. We recommend you be careful giving it to your cat if they have not experienced it. While it does not exactly cause cats to become dangerously intoxicated they can be a little overly playful or anxious to get the catnip. It is possible to have a well behaved cat give a good swipe at a toy. We have even seen a cat try to chew on a much bigger dog that had catnip scent on it. However, the best part of this is watching your cat have so much fun. Just be careful when they get excited.

Our Kitty Hooch is all organically grown and safe for oral consumption. It can even be used to make a very soothing tea which was actually the most popular tea in England prior to their opening trade with India.

It is important to realize that most indoor cats are understimulated and under exercised. This can lead to health and psychological issues down the road for cats. Kittyhooch is about fun and play, but it's also about keeping your cat healthy and happy. Never mind that this can save you money. This is about the health and happiness of a family member... your cat.

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