Why Kitty Hooch Catnip is the White Lightning of Catnip

Searching for catnip? I tell people there is a difference between white lightning and stale beer. What do I mean? Catnip is not magic. It's the airborne oils going up your cat's nose that starts the party. The enemy of oil? Oxygen. All commercial catnip is ground up during harvest to save money. See the problem? Every cat has a different potency threshold. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out... They're ruining the experience for lots of cats!

That's why there's Kitty hooch! We grow for maximum oil production, hand cut and hand process. We throw out the useless stalks everyone else grinds up. Each leaf and flower bud is whole! Our catnip has a skunky, minty smell with floral overtones that will make your eyes water and your cat smell it coming through the front door.

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