Knowing our customers

Since 2001 Kitty Hooch has spent over 500 weekends meeting our customers. In the process we have gotten some touching and funny stories. There are some things our customers have in common. They really love their cats. They also appreciate quality and value. Kitty Hooch very much exemplifies a lifestyle choice of sharing your home with one or more cats that you care very much about as one of the family. Since we view our cats as part of our family we want the best for them and we have certain standards. Kitty Hooch makes it easy for people to get the most of that lifestyle because everything we sell is tested to meet the highest standards in quality, safety and longevity. If a product doesn't make the cut we won't sell it... and we make everything we sell.

The value proposition

Our products are not cheap imports from China, not that China doesn't produce anything good, but not for cats. Catnip and toys have been in a race to the bottom. They are cheap shiny baubles for you that your cat would destoy in seconds if they took an interest. This is what happens when the desire to hit a price point affects quality to where there is no longer any value. No wonder my customers said they gave up on finding anything good in chain stores.

If a product is useless there is no price that can makee it worthh buying. Our products are the result of examining what was being sold in pet stores, seeing how the products fell short of the promise and redesiging products to realize the apparent intent. Kitty hooch products will last longer, work better, be safer and provide you and your cat more joy. Period.

Major chain stores today are going after higher margins at lower price points. They're making a fortune, but what are we getting? Where is the value? Cats can tell the difference too, and since we love our cats the value proposition just makes sense. Try any of our products and your cat will sell you on Kitty Hooch.

Caring for your home

There's more. When we let cats into our home we compromise. Our belongings get scratched, we deal with their moods, they eat our house plants and they leave hair and dirt on our things. Interestingly Kitty Hooch has answers for all these issues. Our toys improve their mood and their calm. Our scratching furniture offers zero maintenance solutions for under a dollar a month. Our catnip beds get them laying on something mahine washable instead of expensive to clean items. We have taken a lot of effort learning how to get the most out of sharing our home with our cats and we are happy to share that with you.

Cats are beautiful, noble, playfull and affectionate. Unlike dogs their affections must be earned. While dogs are noble beasts and great companions cats have very different personalities and are very particular. They deserve the best. We are here to provide you with products and information to help make your life with your cats the richest it can be.

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