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Kitty Hooch Catnip Refillable Cat Bed

Add Catnip Bed (2 pouches) @ $40 to cart

Refill Pouches

Add Catnip Bed Catnip pouch @ $10 to cart
Our catnip filled cat beds are made with layered fluffy blankets, not loose fill. So it doesn't bunch up or get flat spots. It has a velcro'd opening with a 5 inch cloth channel that holds the catnip pouch in the center of the bed. The catnip is of course Kitty Hooch quality leaf and bud sewn into a pouch. There's 2 toys worth in there! You can remove the catnip pouch and wash and dry the bed easily. We recommend replacing the pouch every 6 months. These beds have luxurious and beautiful tops and are made to the highest standards. We have a number of colors and patters and also very appealing limited production specials when we happen upon special fabrics.

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