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Kitty Hooch Catnip Feather Wand Toy

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Cats love feathers! But the one we bought fell apart in a matter of minutes. Who needs that? So we set out to design a feather toy worthy of Kitty Hooch. After a year of testing and design work we were finally ready. Hoochfeather toys are made with selected high quality feathers bound together with colored duct tape. (You always knew it was good for everything.) Our first test toy lasted nearly a year! Expect these to last at least several times longer than commercial feather toys in most cases. Just being durable has never been enough. We also added a little pouch of catnip too. We finally had a durable feather toy. With some more refinement we got the right balance and spring feel. Our wholesale accounts considered the look a little rough so now we cover part of the duct tape with florist tape for cosmetics.
The Wand is made with a 16 inch plastic rod and moves swiftly.
The Super Wand is has a longer reach and uses a 32 inch plastic rod. It has a more gentle motion.

What makes us special?

  • Whole catnip in convenient pouches makes it more potent and stays potent for months.
  • Hand made in Oregon using our own catnip and recycled materials.
  • Washable as well as refillable.
  • Safe! No beads or fiber fill for your cat to eat.

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