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Scratch control that's permanent, odor control and stain remover... Have we lost our mind? Let's start at the top. When your cat scratches you will notice the first thing they do is sniff, then scratch. That's why chain stores sell bitter apple. Spray it on and your cat is supposed to be annoyed and go somewhere else. Unfortunately the best case scenario means you have to spray that spot every day as long as you have cats and the worst case scenario is your cat bats the bottle around like it was catnip. That's what one customer said. So what to do? Let's start with a little known fact that seems forehead slapping obvious in retrospect...

When cats scratch their claws leave oils... It's scent marking, like when they rub their face on something. One has to wonder if the companies making bitter apple know this or are just using a recipe from an old angry person who wanted to get back at the cats and had a lot of apples laying around? Cat's are scratching a message, "my scent needs to be stronger" or "I live here too". We used an enzyme cleaner to digest the organic material. You may even have some in your closet, but many people have never heard of it. When we opened our store in Jantzen Beach we realized it was silly not to sell it. That's when we read the label on what we bought in the chain store. Sure it had stopped them scratching the woodwork and leather, but it discolored them. The chain store product also said to soak the area, let it dry for 2 weeks and see if it worked. That's when we found a product only sold in concentrate we could buy industrial size that met our standards!

Scratch No more is organic, non toxic and safe on leather, wood, carpet and skin. It has no perfumes and almost no scent of it's own. It kills odors 3 ways including bacteria and is guaranteed to remove skunk scent in seconds or your money back. They even offered to send me a vial of skunk scent... Your cat will sniff the message "This isn't where I scratch". We've also rescued stinky shoes, beverage stains and more. Urine needs to be wetted a little longer because it forms crystals when it dries. The liquid solution must come in physical contact with wherever the problem has soaked into, which in the worst case takes about 20 minutes.

We have been selling this with an odor removal guarantee and our Door Hangers and Ramps with a scratch guarantee. If you buy this and one of our under $100 scratchers (that last for years) we guarantee it will change your cat's behavior or your money back on both. We sold over 100 bottles in a week and a half of introduction and dozens of scratchers and have not had one complaint! Contains 8 Fl Oz
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