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Kitty Hooch Mini 6 Pack

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The Mini is a product we introduced in 2010 initially filled with just leaf. In 2015 they weren't retailing well in shows and discontinued them. Some of our customers were so heartbroken they emailed to tell us their devistation. We felt so bad we make them for a few customers. We decided to bring them back in a 6 pack.

This time we are spiking them with leaf and bud! The Mini has pros and cons. First the bad. While our other toys stay potent 4-6 months the Mini would go flat as a pancake in a month since it has no liner. It should last longer with the bud. Having said that the good thing about the Mini is how much cats love it. Our other toys are big enough to do the buddy kick with. The Mini is a small bat around and for some reason cats love the small size.

Put your extras in the freezer in a freezer bag. These are by far the best small toy anywhere!

The dimensions of the Mini are 1.5 by 2.5 inches.

What makes us special?

  • Whole catnip makes it more potent than any other small toy.
  • Hand made in Oregon using our own catnip and recycled materials.
  • Safe! No beads or fiber fill for your cat to eat.

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