"I never tire of peoples responses when they first smell our very potent catnip... and I especially love their stories about how their cats can tell the difference."
Eric Laffoon - Kitty Hooch Master Grower

Please enjoy some of the great testimonials from some of our customers and feel free to send us your testimonial. We would especially love for some of who have told us such great stories at various events to send them in. Most people just post to our Facebook page now, but we do love to put stories here.

Cats in Amsterdam
These cats are in Amsterdam and the label was just
peeled off the box when they jumped on the table.

Greetings; while my feline family members have been Kitty Hooch consumers now for a number of years, it wasn't until today that I came upon your Facebook page. Nevertheless, I just wanted to tell you that, in my opinion, your product is second-to-NONE when it comes to catnip; with nothing remotely close to it available elsewhere. ALL of your claims; from its potency, to its shelf-life when frozen; are 100% spot-on. The tub that you see here was purchased several years ago; kept frozen from day one; and its effects on my newly adopted cat that you saw in the video, I think you'd agree, are pretty self evident. You're the best; Happy New Year!!!

George H

    Big thumbs up on the hooch. The mice have held the cats' interest longer and more actively than any previous nip toy and, unlike the preceding best nip toy, are intact (last really-good-nip mouse I got - a Wisconsin nip product that an out of town pal brought, was ripped & leaking fiberfill in 2 weeks).

The day after I saw how positively Merc & Squash reacted, I brought one with me to show a cat-owning friend who I was meeting at a local sushi bar. Out comes the mouse, and the gal 2 seats down exclaims "Is that KITTYHOOCH????" She & her cats are longtime fans!


    [Edited for length] We met yesterday at the saturday market... I have three cats. They are Rufus, Igor and Job (like the Bible name)... I'm not sure how old Job is. He is a stray that I have been taking care of. He came to my back door one night, skinny and hungry, and I couldn't help but to feed him. Naturally, he became mine only in the sense that he comes back every night now. I love him just as dearly as I do the other two, however he still won't let me come near him. I fear he has met some abuse in his life.

Job is the real reason I wanted to send this to you and the reason I will continue to do business with you... I sprinkled some of your catnip out for him last night and as always he came to the door for his meal. Just like cats tend to do, Job then smelled the catnip and began rolling all over it contentedly. For the very first time in the months that I've known Job he was happy and was showing it. And for that reason, and because I put so much care into keeping him alive and healthy, I began to cry. But it was happy tears. I called my mother immediately to tell her the knews (she's much a cat-lover herself). I was overjoyed to see my precious stray so excited. It's all thanks to you... I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am to you for giving me that moment of happiness. You truely do great work for those cat-lovers and cats out there. Thank you and God bless!

    My kitten Molly loves kitty hooch! I keep it up in my pantry and she knows that she gets some every morning, and wont let you forget it. As soon as i open my bedroom door, she boltes in and will not stop meow-ing until she gets her "daily fix." She will run to me, and then to the pantry, then to me, then to the pantry, until I reach the door where it is stashed. She absolutely loves it!

    Hi Kitty Hooch, I just wanted to tell you how much I am still loving Boaz's little mouse with his name stiched on it, even now, two years after he has passed away. His sister Ruthie is still with me and she always plays with hers (the catnip in it is still quite potent!), but I put Boaz's up on a shelf next to his photograph with some other special keepsakes that remind me of him. I didn't know when I bought it how special it would be to have a little memento like this, however, and I have loved having it. Thanks so much.

    I would rather go without food than have my 3 cats NOT have their 'Hooch' this year!! [OK--dramatic--but descriptive !!!!] I ordered 10 last year, and made the 'mistake' of giving some as gifts--never again!!! My cats were "short" by 3 months !!! 3 cats go thru this stuff easily within a year's time--so mine were going thru 'catdrawals' for 3 months. ugh--don't get me started...I will be so happy for all of us when this shipment arrives!!
All are elder cats, and the exercise they get with Hooch is without comparison!!

    Hi, I live in Beaverton and have been through 3 stuffed kittys in the last year both my cats even after 6 months go crazy over thier toy. I also purchased a scratching post that the cats use on a regular basis. Thankyou for continueing to make the ony stuff my cats will use.
Beaverton OR

    When it comes to Catnip both Thor and I are snobs. He won't play or get so excited about anyone else's catnip except for Kitty Hooch! I will never try anyone else's product but yours. We moved away to AZ a couple of years ago. Lucky for us you have web service! Not only that but I have never seen anyone else respond so quickly! You are the best, thank you for all that you do for the awesome cats in the world! Keep up the good work and have a wonderful day!
Jenn H
Mesa AZ

    Hi Kitty Hooch...well, I knew I was in for it when Sherbet's little mouse started losing it's side...then I came home after work and she had officially loved the thing to death...guts and loose catnip all over the living room floor! What to do? Drive 250 miles to Portland of course...which I did, only to learn that the Saturday Market is closed during the winter...in HINDSIGHT this makes TOTAL sense! THEN...FRANTIC...I thought my poor darling Sherbet would be without UNTIL! My boyfriend noticed the web address sewn into the flat carcass of a truly LOVED cat toy.

Thanks for making my sweetie (Sherbet that is) so happy.
- Colleen

    I was very skeptical of your product when I saw you at the local Holiday and Gift show. But I'm always "on the prowl" for new products and toys for my babies. I bought only one mouse at the show. As soon as I got home and put my purse down my "fat cat" Stardust was all over it! The mouse was still in the package in the purse and she wanted it! I took it out and she hasn't let go of it since!! She even sleeps on it! Needless to say I need at least one more for my other kitty. Thank you SO much for a product that finally works!
Tamara R.

    I was in Portland on vacation, and a friend was taking care of my two cats while I was gone. I stopped by the booth at Saturday Market, and since he has a cat, I picked up a toy for his kitty as well as mine. He thanked me, but informed me that his cat does not like catnip, even the fresh stuff. Ha! The next day he informed me that she went crazy! As for my own, one growls when she has a toy and I come too close, and the other uses them as little pillows. Thank you for making my little girls so happy.

Catherine, Raya and Mancha
Syracuse, NY

    I was completely unaware of how powerful KittyHooch was when I brought it home and carelessly tossed the bag on my kitchen table! My 3 cats, Rocket, Matches and Nacho, all started circling the table and then began jumping on the table to locate the smell. When I put the mouse in the pantry for safe keeping, my cats clawed at the pantry door! Finally I took the mouse and tossed it to the, by then, crazed group. ( I didn't want to get in the way-I might have lost a finger or two!) Now they fight over who gets the sole mouse and they often steal it from each other, in order to roll, knaw on and toss the mouse about. What a great product! I am sold and I tell every cat owner I know about it!
Kate Hollstrom

    After a day at the market or an event, the sample Kitty Hooch Catnip Toys that the public has handled, squeezed and sniffed still have "life" left in them but are not suitable for resale. Kitty Hooch donates these "squeezers" to cat rescue/adoption centers and recently received this report from the West End Animal Shelter in Ontario, CA:

    I just talked with Theresa at the shelter, she said when she opened the box of mice, all the cats came to the front of their flat to see what would come out...and when they smelled the catnip, they went crazy with excitement.....she said to tell you, they are a perfect size.....most companies make them too small ....the cats are really enjoying them....and lots of puurrrs can be heard.....morale is important!!!!! Thanks so much.....
West End Animal Shelter

Dear Kitty Hooch,

    Last Sunday I was at the Saturday Market and bought a Kitty Hooch mouse, as I'm always on the prowl for the ultimate nip for my boys (I have 3). The best stuff I found so far is Hot Cat (the cloth, sausage shaped ones). My cats really like it. So, I thought how much better can your stuff be. Well, it is! My cats have already almost destroyed the ears, and one guy snorts and gives it the ultimate "death" kick. This nip is awesome!

    Thanks for some great cat entertainment (for me and them!).

Janet McLaren

Dear Kitty Hooch,

    You should probably ship Kitty Hooch in more durable envelopes--maybe stainless steel mesh-reinforced Kevlar would work. The cats tore open the envelope and one mouse was never seen again. I was able to pull the other mouse out of the envelope as one of the cats was shredding it from the other end. She lunged at the mouse with a deranged snarl and tore it out of my hand with the strength of a lion taking down a zebra.. She weighs seven pounds.

    I have never gotten this sort of reaction from Cosmic or any of the other premium catnips. You can be sure that I will be ordering again.

Maureen Wood, and Tigger, Tom, LittleGirl, PrettyGirl, Bootsie, Red Ryder, Houdini and Fuzzie

Hi you two-

    Maria and I just wanted to let you know that our kittyhooch toys showed up, and boy was Eric right! They're going cuckoo with this stuff! It's great! I've got one of them making these bizarre yowling noises when he first starts playing with it and rubbing his face all over it!

    How'd you two get into this particular product!? We've been playing with the cats (2 of them, and a dog) with catnip toys for a long time, but these are really special!

    Thanks for a great product and we're looking forward to many hours of fun playing with the cats (the dog even likes them---alot!).

    Here's wishing you and your kitties a happy holiday season (Saturnalia, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or whatever you celebrate!)


Warm regards,
Kevin & Maria

    When we got back to Olympia, our cat China went berserk for your kittyhooch mouse. After hours of gnawing, kicking, biting, swatting and rolling around with it, China is asleep on the sofa and the mouse is resting comfortably under the sofa. Even when China catnaps, she has one eye on that mouse. You guys make a great product!

Pat Albright

    After feeling somewhat guilty for leaving my cat Frankie at home over the Fourth of July weekend while my boyfriend and I went to Portland, I thought the least I could do was bring home an offering.

    What I thought was my cat being excited at my return, was really more of a plea to release the sweet nectar of the kitty hooch mouse that he smelled through my bag.

    Frankie is 13 years old and occasionally bats around a toy mouse. But when I got this mouse out, my god, I've never seen a cat drool so much. He was like Homer Simpson over a jelly donut. Cat, mouse and carpet were damp for at least a good hour. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt the next day. I was afraid to leave him alone with it the next day while I was at work for fear that he overdose. I have never seen my cat react to anything like this before.

    Overnight I thought I heard russling outside the bedroom. In the morning I found the kitty hooch insert and business card completely shredded.

    He's since stopped the drooling, but every now and then he'll plop himself on his side and nudge his kitty hooch mouse and eventually drift off to sleep with a big grin on his face.

Thanks for this wonderful gift to cats. Frankie says thank you, too.
R DeHoyos

    I was at Healthy Pet (locations in Lake Oswego and West Linn) and the manager, Amber, bought one for her cat at home. She took it out of the plastic baggie and offered it to Mowgli, the pet store cat (whom she declared "doesn't play with toys and hates catnip"), just to see what he would do. Well, Mowgli's nose started wiggling. She was about to say that it was useless... "Give him a moment to get warmed up," I said. Then WHAM! His front paw hit the toy and retracted. "Oh, my god - did you see that?!?" Then the next second, Mowgli pounced on the toy, grabbed it in his mouth and ran to the back of the store with it. "Oh, my god! I've NEVER seen him do THAT!!!" We followed his route to the back of the store and there was Mowgli at the base of a scratching post/tree, thrashing and rolling about - biting and kicking at the toy! She called the other girl working there back to see and she exclaimed, "WHAT'S in that toy?!?" Then Amber said, "Great! Now I have to buy another toy for MY cat since Mowgli stole mine!"
Kitty Hooch

    The lady at the craft fair warned me not to put my catnip mouse in my purse without "double-bagging" it. I said "no thanks" and she said "well, then at least make sure you put your purse where your cats can't get to it." I left and didn't think about it ... until I found my purse in shreds about an hour after I got home. All I could do was laugh!! I don't know what it is about Kitty Hooch, but my cats are addicted to it! NEVER will I buy store bought catnip again. All that's good for is my spice cabinet! :-)
Stephanie M

    Our only child Nala was given a Kitty Hooch mouse for Christmas from her Grandma Linda. Even though the toy was in a plastic bag and three layers of wrapping paper Nala quickly found it under the tree. Needless to say in her frenzy of excitement she quickly shredded the paper and had a hole in the bag in a matter of minutes(There was paper and fur everywhere). It was hillarious! Thank you for making such a loved and durable toy.

    I purchased one of your catnip hearts today at the Expo Center, got home and layed my bags down, went in other room and about 5 minutes came back and my cat had torn into my bags through the plastic ziplock bag that held his toy and was in kitty heaven. I need to purchase one of your plants you have for sale on your website.
Kathy F

    Hey Kitty Hooch ... well, our kitty is a Max, too! Maxine, that is. And here's a shot of her shooting up the scratching pole to get her new toy. A raving, raging success, I must say, and another hooch junkie for the list ...
Seana L

    My 11 yr old cat, Moon Pie, loves her Kitty Hooch Mouse! It's just the right size for her clawless paws to handle and tumble with. She goes nuts! She carries it everywhere with her...even to her food bowl. She sets it down where she can watch it until she's done eating, then is at it again! I've never seen her so "kitten-fied"!
-L. Beals

    From my oldest cat OJ (13), who rolled all over it, to the youngest Buddy (4), who tucked it under his head and slept on it, all seven of my cats love the Kitty Hooch mice. In fact, I have to sneak the toy mice back in their plastic bags or risk kitty anger times seven!
K. Bouskill

    When I first gave my cats their Kitty Hooch toy, I had to take it away from them...usually they get bored on their own after a bit, but they wouldn't stop with this one.   Then I put it in it's baggy and left it on my dresser, meaning to put it away in the freezer later. I forgot about it until I found it downstairs with little teeth/claw marks punctured in the baggy! Obviously my cats couldn't get enough!!
A. James

    My kitten is 4 months old. I really didn't want her to have catnip, because, she didn't care for the catnip toy I bought at PetSmart. Kitty Hooch told me that it is fresh and my cat may like it. When I took the toy out of the bag, my kitten smelled it, than grabbed at it. She wrestled it to the ground. I tried to take it from her, but she would snap at me. After a few minutes of play, my kitten climbed onto her chair and stared out the window. She later laid down with us. That was the first time she has slept almost through the night, without jumping all over us.
M. Verdier

    For the entire 10 years of my cat's life she has been unaffected by catnip--until now. No kidding! I was shocked at the effect that Kitty Hooch had on her. Now I may need to get her into Kitty Rehab....
G. Brown

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