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Recently one of my geek KDE friends moved here from Europe. Actually it's a couple who are both geeks and both my friends. Waldo and Christine are getting a new cat and they are doing it right. They have two dogs and they want their cat to be able to get around the house without the dogs being able to bother them. First we did a custom post based on the Anasazi Tall, but more open so as not to block the view. Then they wanted a walkway for the cat. Many options were discussed for wrapping around the living room or running down the hallway but when they told me their objectives I offered another more interesting idea on how to accomplish it and they liked it. So the cat can go from the post, around the dining room and across the living room through the two hanging round houses and then pass through the wall into the utility room. The whole thing is quite visually stunning. There is a lip around all the walkways and they're fully carpeted. I also wanted to achieve an organic look so that it looked as if it were part of the house when it was built. Everything was finished with classic mitered corners for a professional finish look. There were a few other custom touches. As they are watching a mother cat and her kittens for Cat Adoption Team (who also carries Kitty Hooch products) the mom cat volunteered to model for us. She likes it.

utility view

Cat's Eye View

This is what a cat sees from the utility room looking into the living room down the walkway. If you look you can see both round houses and the step up in the dining room. The minor discoloration at the bottom was from my best effort to lighten it as not much flash got through the hole.

From Post

From the Post

This is looking from the post into the dining room. I should probably apologize for having my tools on their table. You can't quite see all the nice finish detail but you can see how the carpet wraps down these edges and how it offers easy jumps up.

By Kitchen

The Big Transition

This is the other side of the dining room, but there's a lot more going on here. We set the houses into the framing above which dictated left and right position every two feet, but we didn't want a boring straight line. So Waldo picked where he wanted them and I worked with the odd angles. The transition is four inches back on the wall and after a lot of tricky cutting it came out perfect... of course.

Living room

The Main Run

This is looking from the dining room into the living room. There's still a few tools out but I couldn't wait to take pictures and it seems our model couldn't wait to pose either. You can see the passage through the wall on the far side.

From hall

From the Entry Hall

I love this shot because it shows so much. You can see the post as well as the walk way on the far wall. The cat was really enjoying herself too. You can also note in these pictures the attention to detail with the interior wrap in the round houses.

If you would like to see more photos they have them online here. I have just gotten word they are looking to add to this too and that they have a second cat. Stay tuned!

If you're interested in a custom installation like this please contact Eric. We can install these in the Portland metro area. Obviously something like this is a little more than your average scratching post but it's reasonably priced and I always deliver exactly on the price quoted. There is a lot more to consider in this over a post with finish work and being careful not to wreck your house. I can bang around and make a mess in my shop as long as it comes out pretty. If you're outside of our area but you're handy enough to put up shelfs or maybe even run a power screwdriver then it is possible to order a pre-cut custom kit. I'm working on offering just shelfing that assembles with dowels and glue and comes in four foot lengths. Given the measurements I can deliver numbered pieces with a rendered drawing in 3D persepectives based on your room dimensions.

There's nothing like Kitty Hooch. We are a unique lifestyle experience. If you love your cats and want the best for them, if you want the ultimate conversation pieces... We are here to serve you.

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