Hi, My name is Eric Laffoon. I started Kitty Hooch in 2001 with $60 in grocery money. I looked crazy at the time but I had was a hunch. After decades of experience in sales and business I had developed a way of thinking. I believed there was always a solution, distinctiveness and quality were essential and that it was folly to accept any status quo without question. These ideas led me to drive past the experiment of a simple cat toy to develop a viable business. Virtually everything about Kitty Hooch™ went against conventional thinking.

  • We grow all our own catnip
  • Our catnip is whole and hand processed, as well as organic
  • Our toys are Hand made here in Oregon
  • Our quality and safety standards are second to none, including no fiber fill
  • We farm, manufacture, retail and wholesale
  • We handle all our own marketing

Most importantly we developed products that we believe are the best in the industry. I have never been willing to accept less and our customers are the most loyal anywhere. We are delighted to share this experience with your company.

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