Certain parts of our site can be viewed without logging in. However Kitty Hooch only retails to authorized merchants under a basic agreement. Our interest is in protecting our public image and our merchants. Wholesale pricing information is only avaliable on our site to authorized buyers.

If you have executive level access as a store owner you have full access. You can grant access to your people to do anything they want except to revoke your access. You can authorize managers or employees and you can specify for each person if they can order products. We do not store credit card information on site but do have secure records off line so anyone you authorize to order can do so if you have a card on file with us, but only if you specifically authorize them. Managers can also add employees, but only to the level that they are authorized. So they cannot authorize them to order unless they can. It is up to you to manage the access of your people.

A number of creative ideas are in the works including a free bulletin board you can use to disseminate information and private message. This tool would also be able to broadcast email to subscribers. It's in work. There will also be training videos and some may require login to see. Our objective is to provide a useful tool to assist you.

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