What do you put on your valuable shelf space? Beyond that, where can you find an avocate or anyone on your side? It's lonely running your own business. Kitty Hooch is a small business like you. We understand and share your values.

Purpose meets Reality

Why did you open a pet store? We're guessing you like pets and people and you wanted to offer something good to customers and make a profit at it. Running your store offers a new reality. Chain stores with pet-$$$ names and $$-mart names have multimullion dollar budgets to run over you rough shod. Big chains can negotiate big deals and use economies of scale to undercut prices and blitz advertising. Distributions channels can use pricing schems to manipulate you and often see their least popular inventory as something to unload on some sucker who can then absorb the flooring costs. A sales floor is an expensive warehouse.

The worst part of the distribution channel is that you end up with the same thing the chain stores have... you just probably paid more for it than they did. Now what we are hearing from our client and prospect stores is they have a lot of product squatting on their shelves that customers don't seem to be ineterested in. Funny? Not really, but remarkable when you think about what our experience is...

A little History

Kitty Hooch™ started out in 2001 with $60 in grocery money to buy catnip plants. We had no idea if people would pay premium prices for cat toys. Everything we did was counter-intuitive to industry standards. The resounding response was that people were ecstatic to finally find quality products. They were sick of the industry standard products! The effects of whole catnip, the quality, the safety and the design won over 99% of our customers. Over the years we added dozens of products and continue to work interactively with customers. Our customers frequently tell us they feel they have been abandoned by pet stores who no longer care about selling a high quality product and act more like they just want to unload the junk that was unloaded on them. It's disturbing to ponder, because we think boutique stores are the only ones who can truly thrive in the new economy, yet our interactions with these same stores tells us lots of them simply will not survive... for no other reason than they simply don't understand a fundamental rule of business.

Trends in Buying Concepts

In the 1950s everyone wanted the same washer, dryer, refrigerator and stove as the neighbors. Fast forward to the present day and we are experiencing a shift. Many cheaper goods have crossed the value line of cost effective to just being wasted money. Everyone should understand a simple axion. Price has no meaning without value and if value is high enough price is no object! It's interesting to note for instance that BlackBerry smart phones are seeing huge jumps in revenue and outselling cheap phones. People want unique products. More and more you see industries springing up to provide distinctiveness to consumer products. Even more interesting though is the resurgence in crafts. What people want is is distinctive high value products with a back story.

We launched Kitty Hooch with the idea that we must first and foremost establish the distinctiveness of our products. We can confidently tell people we have the best products anywhere and nothing else is close. We know they will end up regretting buying from a competitor. Our products are unique for a reason.

Our Advantage

In 2001 we had one product. Now we have dozens of products and and have been getting face time with our customers over 40 weeks out of the year. On a Saturday in a 10x10 booth we can easily go through 150-200 hits of White Lightning and sell over $1000 in product in 7 hours. Along with having been national top sales producers in other marketing companies we have been progressively increasing retail productivity every year, at least until farming issues forced us to scale back. Our customers helped us to refine our products. We even ran a Kitty hooch only pet store in a shopping mall where 1/3 of it was vacant. We had a percentage deal and customers still tell us they miss our store. We are confident in a good location we could produce $15,000 a month in Kitty Hooch product sales, but we would rather have a thousand client stores.

Our challenge is how we can help you to retail a lot more of our product and we're confident if you are open to it we can help you boost your sales.

Why did you get into this business? What do your customers get when they come to you? What kind of integrity, loyalty and confidence can you offer them in your products? Where can you turn for ideas on how to make a given product sell several times as much as it has been? Kitty Hooch offers something no other vendor can. Not just the most distinctive and highest quality products, but a growing resource to help you leverage your marketing efforts and build the capital of customer loyalty and the coin of customer buzz and referrals.

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