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One of the things that we didn't expect when coming up with a better idea for servicing wholesale accounts was finding out about what we consider dirty tricks. You know, a wholesaler has a bunch of leftover product nobody wants, so they sell it in bulk at a price too good to refuse. The only problem is nobody wants the product and now you have to get rid of it on your customers. The other dirty trick is locking independent stores into perpetual purchase agreements for too much product they don't need on weekly or monthly shipments. If you don't keep up they drop you. When we introduced our flexible auto ship idea we were caught off guard that there was this automatic cynical response. We've always focused on quality product and working with pet stores.

Kitty Hooch Flexible Auto Ship means you get to choose only the products you want... in the quantities you want... shipped at the frequncy you want... with the option to opt out of any cycle. Simple. The reason we can do this is simple. We don't have any junk product to get rid of and we are interested in partnering with you, not fleecing you.

Why We Came Up with Flexible Auto Ship

If our 15 years in the business has taught us anything it is the following

  • Your time is valuable
  • Our time is valuable
  • You don't like to run out of our products
  • We don't like to play phone tag for two weeks to get an order
  • Life is so much better when we simplify and eliminate stress

So Eric got the idea to set up the flexible auto ship program. Each Auto Ship is just one product. You choose the date it recurrs on, the initial ship date, the quantity of product and how often it ships, whether monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or semi annually. Then we notify you 10 days before it ships via email or fax. You can opt out of a cycle or move the date as long as you contact us by the day before it is scheduled as that is the ship date. If your auto ship schedule isn't working for you we will ask you if we can modify it. You can cancel it at any time.

Why You Should have Staple Products On Auto Ship

We strongly recommend setting up flexible auto ship on any product you consider a staple like toys or loose catnip products. Here's why.

  • Priority shipments on new orders - As we encounter disruptions like out of stock products coming avaliable at harvest time or a large number of new stores ordering our number one priorty will be to our auto ship partners.
  • Priority fulfillment on product scarcity - While we are hoping to finally manage to dramatically increase our supply and availability of loose catnip we are also planning to add hundreds of stores. Our objective is to reserve enough product to fulfill our auto ship obligations. Whether that is possible our auto ship partners will be receiving shipments while other customers are getting out of stock response.
  • Life is so much better when things are simple - Our purpose is to make things simpler for both of us. As an auto ship partner you will be kept up to date on the status of your pending shipments and availability because you have a standing order with us.

Flexible Auto Ship only requires that we have a payment method on file along with the auto ship order. While considering this idea we realized it would enable us to do a lot more business and have more time to serve our client stores while offering them better service. We consider this along with a good online ordering system for wholesale as essential keys to grow our business to where we want to go. We are committed to this program and to insuring it is a satisfying experience for you, our valued wholesale accounts.

How To Get Started

Setting up and managing auto ship will be available on site soon. If you wish to have a higher priority you can contact us by phone at 888-415-9475 Ext 2 to initiate a flexible auto ship. These are currently only being set up with an order.

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