Most people think of catnip as a commodity with mystical properties. One of my more entertaining activities is answering calls from new pet stores trying to figure out why their store cat on'e leave our product alone. Rather than tell you it's magic here is the science. The airborne oils, which we perceive as scent, cause the effect. The receptors are in the cat's nose. Every cat has a different threshold. So here's a question. When we repeat the statistic about 40% of cats not responding, or whatever you were told or saw... what was used to test that? This is what is significant about Kitty Hooch. Some cats need more oils, some need the most, but all will pick the best. So while marketers work on slogans, bold claims and packaging Kitty Hooch has been figuring out how to produce the most oils, how to best preserve them and how to deliver them for maximal effect. The difference is dramatic.

We would shine no matter what, but the fact the entire industry has done the opposite of making better catnip makes us really stand out. They've made a better excuse for producing inferior product. That excuse is dutifully passed on to customers under the guise that cats are mysterious and our excuse sounds scientific. Not all cats have the gene. Can anybody cite the study so we can look it up? In our experience it is not 40% of cats that do or don't respond, or whatever the excuse is. Our experience is probably 1%-2%. What follows is why our product will so thoroughly best any other product in head to head contests, and why you can promote it like no other product.

Catnip is an herb in the mint family. The genus is nepeta cataria and the actual effect is caused, as we said above, when cats inhale the airborne oil nepetalactone. Of course we don't generally go into that detail with customers, but if somebody wants to know there it is. What we perceive as scent is the oils going airborne. Once catnip has been ground up the oils quickly oxidize.

A Demonstration

The superiority of our product is easy to demonstrate (aside from sending them home with a Hit of White Lightning). Simply let them smell. With whole catnip it takes only a millimeter or two cube of catnip bud crushed to produce a mind boggling release of scent. Just opening whole catnip releases scent before the product is disturbed. Demo toys are also quite effective when squeezed. It is not recommended to squeeze new mouse toys a lot or it will take a lot of life out of the toys.

Everybody Else

So why is Kitty Hooch™ unique here? Believe it or not organic is not the main key, though if done right it can produce superior quality product. The main key is hand processing, and secondary is harvesting at peak potency. Hand processing is more expensive with a few acres than buying the equipment to mulch, and that equipment is a one time purchase. You're not going to see competition on any credible level through regular channels. Moreover this is a limited production run. You can't get a more unique product.

What This Means In Store

Traditionally professional salespeople have looked at retail with some disdain referring to them as "order takers". Not to be contentious, but the standard assumption is that the customer has some idea what they're looking at and what they want. The secondary assumption is that competition keeps various products close enough it's pointless to arbitrarily promote a given product as it may just prove a broken strategy. Both of these assumptions go out the window with Kitty Hooch™.

Kitty Hooch™ is an educational sale and because of the dramatic response and extreme quality difference will generate extreme customer loyalty. This is enhanced by premium pricing, which adds tension and commitment to the purchase. The payoff is enhanced by this tension. Generally people expect to pay more for better product so the psychology is sound, but to realize optimum results promoting the product makes a huge difference.

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