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showCategory: Toy    Products: 16

showMouse  -  The ultimate catnip mouse
showHoochfeather Wand  -  Flexible wand with feathers
showHoochfeather Bird  -  Feather toy bird
showKitty Stash 0.5 oz  -  1/2 oz catnip
showKitty Stash 1.0 oz  -  1 oz catnip
showCat Buddy w/bell  -  a large refillable toy with bell
showSuper Wand  -  extra long feather wand
showBaby Buddy w/bell  -  a medium size refillable toy
showHits of White Lightning  -  1 gram of budlets   (1 gross)
showNip Bird  -  Stuffed catnip toy with feathers
showFall Harvest Leaf 1.0 oz  -  Loose catnip leaf
showFish  -  Stuffed wool toy with a fish look
showGato Ganja  -  Pure Catnip Bud 1/2 oz
showHOWL display Promo  -  HOWL display Promo
showHOWL display  -  HOWL display (replacement)

showCategory: Seeds    Products: 2

showCatnip Seeds  -  Our very own seeds
showCat Grass Seeds  -  Nutritous Cat Grass

showCategory: Toy Accessory    Products: 3

showBungee  -  Doorknob Accessory
showSuper Bungee  -  Long toy accessory for doorway
showSuper Pole  -  Fly fishing action!

showCategory: Refill Pouches    Products: 5

showCatnip Bed Catnip pouch  -  Fresh catnip pouch
showRamp Refill Pouch  -  Pouch for ramps
showDoor Hanger Refill 2 Pack  -  Refill pouches for door hanger
showPost Catnip Refill 2 Pack  -  Refill pouches for posts
showCat Buddy Refill Pouch  -  Cat Buddy Refill Pouch

showCategory: Planter    Products: 2

showCat Grass Starter Pot  -  Grow Cat Grass
showCat Grass POT ONLY  -  planter kit POT only

showCategory: Furniture    Products: 13

showRefillable Sisal Ramp  -  Ramp with embedded sisal top
showDoor Hanger Carpet Refillable  -  Carpet front refillable scratcher
showDoor Hanger Refillable Sisal  -  Versatile sisal front scratcher
show2 Level Round House  -  A round perch atop a round house
show3 Level  -  Stable budget tall piece
showHammock n Crows Nest  -  House, hammock, tray
showPagoda Tall  -  A smaller but still tall Pagoda
showSiamese Palace  -  A double pagoda luxury unit
showLilly Pad  -  Organic perch with scratcher
showHammock Tall  -  A tall Hammock with step
showMini Hammock  -  Hammock on 19" Post
showSuper Structure II  -  Tall piece with 2 ft sq base
showScratch Pad  -  Refillable sisal scratch pad

showCategory: Solutions    Products: 1

showScratch No More  -  Cat scratching spray solution

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