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showCat Buddy w/bell  -  a large refillable toy with bell
Cat Buddy with bell inside has ears and tail and is full of safe blanket stuffing. Body length 12"

The Cat Buddy grew out of customer requests. You know who you are. We heard people loved our catnip and our innovation and quality, but their cat loved this shape. We even had one customer say he bought a pillow toy, cut it open and filled it with our catnip. Not wanting to ever do a "me too" toy we came up with the cat buddy. Of course the first thing you notice is it's cute. It's not just cute. The Cat Buddy is a tour de force toy. First of all it is refillable. We use a pouch because it makes it easy to maintain and wash. One thing we never used and never will is synthetic fiber fill. We've heard too many horror stories about cats being rushed to the vet for surgery after eating fiber fill. Don't endanger your cat! Kitty Hooch uses recycled blankets for stuffing. Finally there is also an optional bell, and again safety is everything. We put it on the inside in recycled cardboard. You may refill it every 6 months or a year, but some customers wash it every few weeks. Washable is great. We think the Cat Buddy kills pillow toys dead. Get one and see if your cat doesn't agree.

Cat Buddies are the same price with or without bell and each has it's own personality sewn into it's unique little face and ears.

Refill pouches have a six month life expectancy, depending on how much they get beat up.

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