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showDoor Hanger Refillable Sisal  -  Versatile sisal front scratcher
Hangs with nylon rope, has brass hardware and safety bumpers

Our Sisal door hanger is a popular modern classic. It evolved over several years and iterations to it's current design. First we got the idea to add two little carpeted bumpers on the back to protect your house. Then we hit on the ultimate ideas to embed the sisal into the board vertically instead of wrapping it horizontally and to make it refillable with a door and brass hardware. This is more attractive to people and cats than the regular door hanger. We found that having Kitty Hooch catnip under the carpet is the no brainer trainer. Cats want to get at it. We use 3/8 inch Sisal which is literally embedded into the board. Then we finish it with high end carpet remnants that wear as good as the heavy rope. Along with our 6 month wear warrantee we have a satisfactin guarantee. We sold over 200 before we got our first return, and lucky we did as we were sold out that day! Now we are hearing back from customers who are finally seeing them wear out, rarely in 4 years and usually 5-6 years or more. Think about that. That amortizes to less than $10 a year.

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