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showRefillable Sisal Ramp  -  Ramp with embedded sisal top
Sisal scratch ramp with hinged top - flip up to place 4"x6" catnip refill pouch inside so catnip scent is underneath the sisal!

Our Sisal Ramp is sheer genius. It's refillable, 6 month wear warrantied, satisfaction guaranteed and wears for years while packing serious catnip. Cats should be high maintenance, cat furniture should be zero! This product stated when a customer told us their cat had a cardboard scratcher it loved. We had to go see it. After gathering information we realized for many customers the cardboard scratcher was a $100 a year installment plan to sweep up after their cat for something ugly. Some customers spent more. One customer told us she burned up her vacuum cleaning up cardboard. Like all our cat furniture this has a 6 month wear warranty. The only customer to tear it up in under 6 months did rescue and had 50 cats! We encourage customers to do the math if they have cardboard. Don't forget your time. Which would you rather have? The great thing about the Ramp is it will look new for years and you will actually want company to see it. We think you will agree it's just plain crazy not to get a Kitty Hooch scratcher.

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