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showKitty Stash 0.5 oz  -  1/2 oz catnip
Half ounce container of whole catnip bud and leaf
There is no more potent catnip anywhere! Our catnip is legendary. Here's why. Virtually all commercially produced catnip is harvested with machines that mulch up stalks and leaves. Most is never grown to flower and most is grown in the style of alfalfa. The reasons for this are cost, cost, cost. Our catnip is organically grown in Oregon under gentle breezes. Each plant gets plenty of room to spread and full exposure to sun and wind so they will grow large potent flowers. They are hand weeded several times a week and receive great care as they grow lush thick leaves and long pungent flowers. When we see the flowers have reached their peak energy and maximum oils each plant is hand cut and air dried. They are carefully gathered and each leaf and flower is hand picked off the stalks and put in bins to be sealed and stored at ideal humidity. Our catnip costs more to produce than what most catnip retails for... but then we think mulching catnip ruins the experience for many cats. Catnip works by the airbone oils (scent) reaching the receptors in your cat's nose. We know of no other dedicated whole catnip producer and nothing else is even close. Kitty Hooch really is white lightning next to the stale beer of commercial catnip.

Kitty Hooch loose catnip comes in a food grade container with a dessicant pack. We want to keep it fresh. It can go directly into the freezer for several years of storage. You will note we spent the money on the catnip, not the packaging and marketing gimmicks. Loose Kitty Hooch is what we call "straight shots". If you want to replace catnip in our beds, scratching furniture or toys please see those items for refill pouches. Our loose catnip is the acid test for cats responding to catnip. See our guarantee.

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