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showFall Harvest Leaf 1.0 oz  -  Loose catnip leaf
Late harvest leaf with that special scent
Fall Harvest Leaf is a leaf only product that is sort of like ice wine. Often you will see red and purple in the leaf which is the sugars releasing due to cold nights. It has a different quality than summer leaf. While the flower is the most potent catnip the leaf is still substantially better than the dried out ground stalk you will find in the pet stores. However a cats response is a matter of their personal potency threshhold. A small percentage of cats will only respond to the flowers. The leaf is a better product for feeding cats catnip as greens or putting in their food to make them eat more slowly.

Kitty Hooch loose catnip comes in a food grade container which is ready to hide in the freezer, the only place your cat won't find it. Our loose catnip is unlike any other product out there.

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