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showHits of White Lightning  -  1 gram of budlets   (½ gross)
1 gram of budlets packaged with Kitty Hooch product information to encourage Kitty Hooch sales.
Hits of White Lightning

Sold by the half gross (72)

Hits of White Lightning are a key marketing tool for your store. We retail our product with confidence, knowledge and national top sales producer skills with years of practice. This is our last resort on a tough sell, but it was originally conceived for our stores. The idea is simple. You don't need to know how to sell our product. Just tell everyone who has a cat to spend two dollars with you. Their cat will make the sale and there is a complete product brochure inside. Just slip in your store card. Before you know it your customers will be back for other Kitty Hooch products and their friends will be in to try some White Lightning.

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