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Most customers in your store have a smart phone in their pocket. Every smart phone with a camera and internet plan can use 2D barcodes.

Above is a tag for your store with a 2D barcode which you can scan with a smart phone. Vietually every produt we sell will come with a tag like this. Keep in mind we have been selling our product at events and open markets since 2001. We are very good at selling our product. Our thinking is to use a video that is around a minute long. We can add additional videos, pictures, testimonials and such. We can also edit the videos. Below is the first generation video for loose catnip.

Kitty Hooch whole catnip

Imagine your customers coming in the store and seeing a shelf talker or sticker with one of these barcodes and some brief instructions to scan the image. When they scan it and get the page they instantly can see more information about the product, The link actually loads a page so we can put more than one video and other resources. So while you help a different customer we work for free in your store and sell the one looking at our products.

We are expecting increased sales from this. Why isn't everybody doing this? Good question. In our case we want to offer you more than just a product order, a slap on the back and a "good luck". Our next goal is to make these videos go viral and have a good way to engage customers.

This is just part of what we are developing to help the stores we partner with to stand out and develop solid loyal customers who refer their friends. Our objective isn't just to sell you product, it's to help you sell more product.

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