One major difference between making toys for pets and making toys for children is legal repercussions. It's important to start that this is now why we chose to make cat products. You see if your criminal negligence results in the death of a child you are going where you want to be careful when you drop your soap. However if it was an animal... Well, hey, it wasn't like it was a member of the family. Not to be callous, but in our estimation most major cat toy manufacturers would look like Ford explaining the cost they calculated for a human life with the Pinto debacle. We look at things differently.

No Choking

One thing you will notice is we never have any exterior bells or eyes. Cats can choke on these rather easily. We will never take this risk. In fact our toys that do have bells have an innovative internal rattle bell using recycled cardboard.

No Strangling

We never use naked elastic. Our super Bungees have fabric on them not just for looks. They keep the elastic from getting over stretched or chewed through, but most importantly from getting tangled. Once we introduced this product our customers shared their horror stories. Naked elastic kills.

No Impacted Bowel

Open up any cat toy and you will find fiber fill. It's cheap and gives the toy body. Our customers told us about cats having to be rushed to the vet for emergency surgery for an impacted bowel. $1,000 seemed a typical number, but the cost is less frightening than the trauma of nearly losing a companion. We even heard one instance of a cat suffering this from loose threads on a toy, which is why our pouches are turned inside out and closed with no loose threads on the outside. Any batting or stuffing in our toys is recycled blankets. Yes, it's environmentally friendly, but more important it is safe!

No Broken Bones

One of the more amazing things to us is the poor design of cat furniture, which is typically made with a high center of gravity and large dimension wood. This enables significant force on impact if it falls with taller pieces. All our designs are not only light weight but they are guaranteed not to tip over under normal use.

No Toxins

After several cases of pets being poisoned by pet food made in China one is bound to get wary. We often wonder what kind of chemicals are in containers with toys. Our catnip is grown on an organically certified farm and treated like a food grade product. Our toys have recycled materials washed before construction. We are very careful with our materials.

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