Our support section is all about providing you much more than just products. Kitty Hooch™ offers unmatched exclusivity, but our products also tend to be an educational sale. That's why the best thing to put on your counter is Hits of White Lightning. You don't need to know more than "Try this for a dollar it will blow your mind". In this secton we want to show you how we move product. A sunny day at the Portland Saturday Market in a 10 foot square booth with two of us can easily see $1,000 in sales of just the products listed here. Average purchase price is usually between $10 and $15 with some sales at $1 and some at $50-$100. $30 to $50 purchases of toys is not uncommon. We ran a retail store with nothing but our products in a very slow mall for a year. We believe the combination of our experiences and input from our stores (wholesaling since 2002) means we can help you in a real and practical way. We estimate proactive marketing will return several fold better results.

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