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Kitty Hooch™ wants to protect your privacy. We also want to insure our integrity as a wholesaler. As with any business we reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone. In order to buy wholesale from Kitty Hooch™ you have to meet the criteria of being a legitimate business or organization. We also have basic criteria for how our product is displayed and marketed. We're not looking to arbitrarily exclude retailers. We are focusing on preserving our hard earned reputation.

  1. You must be a pet store, veterinary clinic, groomer, breeder or other retailer.
  2. Absolutely no web sites looking to market other people's products. We have a web site thank you.
  3. You must adhere to our simple rules for storage and display to keep our product fresh.
  4. You must adhere to shelf life for our products, typically 6-18 months.
  5. Any reports of products or displays buried under other merchandise or materials will bring our agreement under review.

Storage rules and shelf life information will be with out products. More detailed descriptions to come. Basically it's common sense about preserving the essential oils and not leaving it in open air.

Making a wholesale purchase with Kitty Hooch™ constitutes an implied contract whereby we do our best to support your retail needs and you in turn agree to market our product in our packaging and containers, or approriate packaging with Kitty Hooch labeling.

If you have not ordered before please include your address and web site in notes. Please note that we only authorize the primary account holder who can authorize anyone they want under their account.

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